Thursday, September 15, 2005

How Cute!

Scream and Yell came over bright and early this morning. The days that one, or worse - both, is a little turd, I can't wait for their parents to pick them up so I can have some piece and quiet.

But then there are little moments when they're irresistible. Even though Scream was a little squirrelly and frustrating this morning brushing his teeth, he made up for by being so cute when he left for school.

I was paying bills and updating the budget on the computer and not paying close enough attention to the clock. I didn't realize it was already time for Scream to go to school. Not only was it time for him to go, but it was a few minutes later than when he usually leaves.

I told him he should hurry to make sure he got there on time. He ran the whole way, his back pack bouncing up and down as he went. It was just adorable.

Plus, it is somehow completely adorable when he comes home from school and walks in the door. Everyone agrees there's just something oh so cute about it. So I know I have that to look forward to later today.