Thursday, February 03, 2005

Locked Out

When The Best Kid On Earth was coming home from school this afternoon, I decided to put the dog on his leash and walk down the street to meet The Best Kid. On our way we passed a friend of my son's and a much younger boy.

The two boys were outside the younger boy's house. They told me that the younger boy was locked out of his house and that his parents were gone, so he was home alone. That left the little boy sitting in a snowbank at the end of his driveway.

I invited him to wait for his parents at our house. Before he came over though, we still had to meet up with The Best Kid and walk home with him. We met up with him, the dog pulling us all over the street to sniff at melted snow and garbage the whole way, and proceeded to our house.

On the way, we again passed by the younger boy's house. When I looked at his house, I saw that the screen door was closed as usual, but the front door was opened wide into the house. I asked the little boy if he was sure he was locked out and suggested he try the front door to double check.

Turns out his mom was home all along. She usually has the garage door open when she's home. It was closed today, so the little boy decided that meant she was gone, and if she was gone, she surely would've locked the doors, and that would surely leave him stuck in a snowbank and the end of the driveway. I hope he isn't planning on being a detective when he grows up.