Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Babies In Love

Friends of ours had gone on vacation and left their 9 yr old son and 4 yr old daughter with us for the weekend shift. On Friday while the big kids were at school, the 4 yr old and me were hanging out at home. But not alone. Scream and Yell were also over because I was babysitting them, too.

My little 4 yr old friend fits in nicely between Scream and Yell, being just a few years younger than Scream, and just a few months older than Yell. They kept each other entertained nicely, all according to my plan.

What I didn't count on was Scream and Yell falling so head over heels for my little 4 yr old friend. Sure, she's adorable, but I didn't think that'd matter so much to them.

Yell is a little cuddly lover - has been since he could control the movement of his body. "Cuddly" was even one of his first words. Within minutes of meeting my little 4 yr old friend, Yell hugged her told her "I love you." She ignored him.

Play continued and they all got along smashingly. No arguments, stealing of toys, pushing or shoving, as happens at some point when little ones play together. Nope, just one little love party.
When it got to be movie time, my little 4 yr old friend sat on the couch, and was promptly joined by Scream. He sat as close to her as he could and even put his arm around her. He too, proclaimed his love for her, to which she nicely responded, "please don't say that." He proclaimed his love a couple more times, each responded to with the same "please don't say that." He was even stroking her hair down the back of her head. She eventually moved and came to sit with me, thinking she'd get away from him, but nope - he followed right behind like a little lost puppy.

At 4 yrs old, my little friend is already quite the heartbreaker. I hope her dad is ready for her teen years.