Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I Followed The Numbers

My mom received a call at work yesterday.

"Hi, Grandma, I followed the numbers," the little voice told her. It was my nephew Scream. My mom had recently let both Scream and his younger brother Yell each take home one of her business cards when they were with her the other day. Scream was very proud of himself for dialing the numbers shown on her business card all my himself.

After a little chit chat, my mom asked to speak to their dad. "NO!" Scream shouted in a naughy, misbehaving voice. Then he sweetly said, "I love you, Grandma," and then he hung up.

My mom then got another phone call. She picked up the phone and heard in a child's deep voice, "Hi, this is Corey." It was Yell, pretending to be his dad after a little coaching from Scream. "Tell her it's Corey," she heard Scream say in the background, "and say in a voice like this," he continued in as deep a voice as a little 4 yr old can do.

What little honeys.