Thursday, September 30, 2004

Quick Thought

It's very amusing to watch a little cat-sized dog try to catch grasshoppers. I took my dog for a walk earlier and he went grasshopper-catching crazy. He pounces just like a kitty. It was as funny to watch as you're imagining.

Friday, September 24, 2004

A Moment

I was already feeling content, but it was bumped up to happy when I watched the elementary kids walking home from school today. We live about a block from the school, so every day my son and the other 12 to 15 kids on the block walk to and from school.

In this day and age when kids seem to know things that kids their age didn't know in past decades, I love to see things that keep me in my bubble of make-believe. I like to think we're still in the 1950s.

It's a simpler life and much like what I've seen in episodes of Leave It to Beaver. TV and movies are still black and white in my world, although women have more equality in my bubble than what they really did in the 50s.Anyway, today I saw two nine-year old boys get so excited about finding a grasshopper. Not only was it sweet to see how excited they were over finding the grasshopper, but they then proceeded to try to gross out a couple of seven-year old girls with it. I love witnessing the moments of a child's childhood.

I'm sure none of the four kids were thinking what a cute moment it was that they were experiencing. I bet that since they each just started a new school year, having advanced another year, they feel older and smarter and don't realize they're just little babies with lots of growing up left to do.